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Originally Posted by Hot Jock View Post
Brenda Abbey passed away last August at the age of 69. She was the woman from Virginia who searched for her birth parents at hundreds of different carnivals over the course of three decades before appearing on UM. She found her birth mother and all eleven of her brothers and sisters after her story was aired. A happy side note to her story was that after meeting her long lost siblings, she became extremely close with them and even relocated to Michigan to live near them and spent the last 20 years of her life with her “new” family. Her story was one of the most unique Lost Love segments to ever appear on UM and definitely had one of the happiest outcomes of them all. RIP.
The update for her segment, filmed with Brenda leaving the carnival and the lights shutting off behind her, with the Robert Stack voiceover, "it seemed she might be out of options....until the night of our broadcast." is one of my favorite and I think most compelling moments in show history. It's great she got resolution before she died.
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