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Haywood Nelson and Danielle Spencer went to pursue their educational endeavors after What's Happening ended. She finished high school and they both graduated from college. Haywood has worked behind the scenes on many projects as a director and other production roles whereas Danielle retired from acting (like many child stars often do) and started her vet practice. She had some health problems that plagued her as well from that tragic accident that killed her father.

Mabel King was offered to do What's Happening Now but they didn't meet her salary demands. I am sure she probably wanted more to do in the new series as well especially since everyone was grown. The dynamic worked out as Raj was married and Dee was in college. It would have been nice to see her in some holiday episodes like Thanksgiving or Christmas. Or during the first season of WHN to have the issue of Roger and Dee dealing with the fact their mother was planning to remarry. It would have been a good closure to her role. They did it for the father where apparently, Roger and him had some tension that they later resolved on I think a 2nd season episode.
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