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Originally posted by GrapeJelly

With all due respect, are you joking?? She admits she got their money. All she needs to do is send their tapes now. Period. End of story. It may have been a lot of tapes and they can't be done overnight but they can be done within a reasonable period and with the proper communication a lot of ruffles can be smoothed over here but from what I see all she offers is a bunch of haughty excuses. Maybe she shouldn't bite off more than she can chew in the future. Tell people straight up "I am backed up right now and I need to inform you that it will be such and such time before I can even think of getting your tapes out". Then it is up to the buyer if they want to wait that long. When you take someone's money you have a commitment to them and obligation to fulfill YOUR OWN PROMISE. You don't just take people's money and then keep them hanging in limbo with nothing but a "Tough luck, I have a life" in return. Newsflash: That just doesn't float. It's BASIC COMMON COURTESY, people! The same basic common courtesy you'd expect extended to you if you were in the buyer's seat. Assuming we're all adults here, I shouldn't even have to break this down like this. You already agreed you got the money so stop the nonsense and get to taping cuz the bottom line is that it's your reputation at stake, not theirs. If you don't come through as promised, both Dave W. and Jeneric will probably take their lumps, learn from the experience and eventually get over it but your name will still be mud. Money comes and money goes but your honor is priceless.

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