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I don't know what happened here, but much like the old saying, a giraffe is a horse designed by a committee, the idea was good but the design was terrible. Every mistake that could possibly be made was made. Basically this was to be "The Golden Girls" for the baby boom generation, well what made that series work? Rather than ask that question, they tried to pull something together to please everyone. We have to have a woman, we have to have an African American, we have to have a gay representative, and we have to have a old hippie,who of course had to be a white male, and we have to put them in a retirement community (because they're old). The entire show felt contrived, and it's a damn shame because this should have been a hit. I hope someone will take another look at this, Ned and Stacey became Will and Grace, Arrest and Trial became Law and Order, the idea of doing a series about aging baby boomers is good idea, The Cool Kids was just bad execution.
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