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Default Out of Character

Below this thread are three threads that deal with this Thursday's episode. The bottom one is by me and the other two are by somebody else. I would say that, in a way, the character of Will stepped somewhat out of character. Early in the episode, we have Grace complaining about being expected to go for a ride with her father. She was trying to explain to Will that she and her Dad do not get along too well. She tried to explain to him how a girl's relationship with her father changes after she develops boobs. Will fired back with "so then your still have time"! It was clear that Will was making a joke about how flat-chested Grace was. In earlier episodes, they dealt with the issue of Grace feeling sorry for herself for not having big bosoms. Will tried his hardest to be supportive and try to convince her that she had other characteristics that made her attractive. This being the case, I was surprised that, in this episode, Will used this shortcoming of Grace's as a chance to take a shot at her. Any thoughts anyone?
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