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Originally Posted by Alan Brady's Hair
As with most shows that claim to "take on" serious issues, the failing of Bridget Loves Bernie was that it trivialized those issues and just created a whole new set of stereotypes:

This is a very common sequence with respect to these sorts of shows: the producers turn out a shallow take on the issue, then portray anyone with reasonable objections as closed-minded.

I remember watching it as a kid but don't remember that much about it except that forever character actor Ned Glass was in it but most of all how good looking Meredith Baxter was.

Looking at the subject now and what I know about TV as an adult I disagree that it trivialized the issue of interfaith marriage. Liberal show biz types want to destroy religion and trivializing religion is how they did it back then. I'm completely non-religious myself but it has to be obvious to anyone with half a brain that religion is skewered in movies and TV - except of course for the one religion that really deserves it, islam. At best, religious people are portrayed as oblivious simpletons but generally as pure evil racists homophobic devils that want to kill everyone that isn't like them.

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