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Hello, everyone. I am new here, and I have a short wish list, if anyone has anything on it. This is everything that I couldn't find on or

Here it is:

“Jessie” Lindsey Wagner tv show episode "Valerie's Turn"
“Nine” Los Angeles news special from 1985 about nine-year-old kids from different lifestyles
"Sonny Spoon" episode "Tough Habit"
70's ABC Fall Preview hosted by the Brady Bunch
August 31, 1985 Entertainment Tonight
“Beanpole” tv pilot
E! Boulevard of Broken Dreams (Niki Taylor)
“The State” Halloween Special
Who’s the Boss? Season 2 episode “Gotta Dance” original ABC airing
Fatal Passions 1989 tv special (hosted by Patty Duke)
2002 Family Affair (complete series, 16 episodes)
“Puttin on the Kids” Halloween episode 1986
Rocky Road episode "Moscow on the Boardwalk"
1985 Hollywood Christmas Parade
1989 Academy Awards
I love the 80’s 3D 1982
State of Grace complete series (Fox Family)
Phenom complete series
Dance Moms banned episode “Naked Showgirls”
Dance Moms Miami complete series

Thanks, Tracy
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