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Originally Posted by wiseguy182
One thing that I'm confused on is that I've heard reports that a vehicle was following Tara, and that it was also believed that the vehicle accidentally hit Tara, and it was susbsequently covered up. Huh?

If a vehicle was following Tara, that would be more indicative of a kidnapping/foul play than an accident. I have no idea why they would be following her unless he/she/they intended to do something with her.

I think someone mentioned on here that in most cases of road accidents/hit-and-runs, the victim is left behind. That makes sense. Even if police managed to find a vehicle that they believe collided with Tara and her bike, it would be very difficult to prove foul play. They could just argue that Tara wasn't watching where she was going and veered into traffic, they hit her in an accident, panicked and hid the body and the bike. It seems to me there would be little reason to hide the body and the bike to this day.

The fact that Tara has never been found makes me believe she was kidnapped.
Just speaking hypothetically, but if a vehicle did collide with the bike, it's possible that there may be paint transference. The perp/perps might have wanted to dispose of the bike for that reason. Also, wasn't the vehicle tailing her supposedly rare/vintage even for the 80s? A rare vehicle coupled with the possibility of transference would be a good reason to get rid of the bike.

The bike being missing and her body not being found could go either way honestly. I mean, if she was kidnapped by someone, why would they take the bike? Wouldn't they just want to grab her and go?
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