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After everything I've been reading about these people, I'd believe they were guilty of any accusation that came along. They've had their grubby hands in every illegal dealing you can think of, from drugs, to arson, to serial killing/mass murder.

I wonder how Jonathan feels about all this, now that his mother, sister, and step auntie were found murdered on his granny's property.

I know there was a time where he wasn't getting along with Wendy's family at all and was apparently believing everything the Noes told him... and no telling what that was. But that was before the bodies were found.

After the discovery of the bodies, they still could have lied and convinced him that Wendy's husband had been molesting him when he was little, and that they had to kill Wendy and Leon's sister to keep them from kidnapping him and taking him back to that evil man, but how can they explain killing his 6 year old sister?

How do they explain the duct tape around Cynthia's little face, placed there so soon after she'd seen her brother for the last time? How do they explain his uncle digging a hole and then filling it back in after his mom, sister, and aunt were thrown in? And his granny instructing his uncle to cover the grave with pepper to disguise the scent from the cadaver dogs? His dad and granny going on TV bragging about drunken stupors and lying to the world while they knew that his murdered mom, aunt, and sister were lying in a hole on their property.

He's 26 years old now. This information isn't gossip that can be explained away with more family lies, it's in legal documents. There's gruesome photographic proof. Can he accept whatever lies they've told him about why his mom, aunt, and sister were bound, shot, and buried in the yard for 20 years?
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