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Also from this thread:

Wendy's sister: When I spoke to Johnathan, he is the one who told me Beverly was in jail, I asked if Chad had come to his graduation, he admitted that he hasn't seen Chad, in get this, over ten years. What a loser my poor nephew got as a dad, yet in the UM segment, what was the reason he claimed he took Johnathan for? Well it is a lie, my parents filed for a divorce for my sister, Ad Litum, while she was in a coma and my parents found out that he got a 16 year old girl pregnant, in the hospital hall!

He moved out of my parents house when my parents threw his ass out. Took Johnathan, and apparently dropped him off at grandma's house, only to return and visit, not parent.... And after my sister and niece went missing, he saw him one time. Once. What a jerk! We hate him.


Hambone: There have been several rumors about the Noe family regarding this case. There were some who said that Ida, the woman who supposedly dropped off Wendy and the other two girls, was having an affair with the chief of police. A few weeks later, her husband was murdered and she collected life insurance on him. Rumors of a possible "Dixie Mafia" that they all belong to, etc...

I read somewhere on here that now that Ida and Beverly have been arrested for arson, whatever "pull" they had within the local law enforcement must now be gone or else they would have been arrested. This just isn't the case. They were arrested for Arson by the FBI. These two were setting fire to every place they lived in, in order to collect the insurance money on the house, therefore the feds jumped in. They have since been released from prison and are on probation. Just a very weird case, especially considering Chad Noe admitted to the murders to someone at a bar and doesn't deny doing it!!


And then in 2010, we get this oddball, one time poster (Inisght), which shows you what kind of weirdos come out of the woodwork to interject themselves into cases. With the discovery of the bodies, everything this person said has been discredited. I'll fix the punctuation, spelling, and capitalization, but it still won't make any sense. lol

Insight: When Ida Prewiit got to Bristow with Beverly, she decided she wanted to go home to Shamrock. Cynthia had to go to the bathroom when they got there and went in the house. Wendy and Lisa stayed outside.

Ida came back out side to empty something she had in a pan. They got to arguing and Ida hit Wendy with the pan which knocked her out. Lisa started screaming because she thought Wendy was dead (as did Ida, Chad and Beverly).

Chad knew he had to get Lisa to be quiet so he stabbed her. They knew they had to do something about Cynthia so they killed her too, wrapping her in the bathroom shower curtain.

Since Wendy was to big to put in the car with the other two, Chad borrowed a truck from someone he knew and covered them in the back with something. Not knowing for sure when the law would be there, he knew he couldn't take them very far so he disposed of them immediately.

I think I know where because i grew up in Shamrock. I have not lived there in a long time but I believe there are people who really do know what happened. This is just a story but my sister, my daughter, and myself have been having some really weird dreams lately concerning these two women and the little girl and I live 600 miles away.


See post #119 here:

Websleuths seems to have the most info about the crimes the Noes and local law enforcement were involved in.

I'm going to paraphrase this one post so you can get an idea of what kind of corruption the family is dealing with, and encourage you to read the threads over there concerning the case. Since I'm a member there now, I don't think I'm allowed to copy and paste WS posts to other sites:

Post #119: The frustration the family is facing is too much to bear. After Wendy, Cynthia, and LisaRenee disappeared, life was difficult. Now, the family feels betrayed, disgusted, and frustrated. The person in charge of the investigation, JL, is somehow involved. Beverly or Ida Noe have blackmailed him or coerced him in this case. He, JL, used to be the Sheriff of Shamrock, OK.

Either Beverly or Ida was having an affair with SH, who was Sheriff of Bristow OK. He was found hanging out of his patrol car, killed with is own gun. The deputy sheriff was also having an affair with either Beverly or Ida.

The Shamrock police department was completely shut down.

The family believes JL was a dirty cop, a dirty sheriff, and now is in charge [as of 2011] of Wendy's case. He was the deputy in charge of the town when the three went missing. Now he is the investigator on her case and is stalling grand jury hearings.

I know this seems like flimsy evidence, but there is more that I can't divulge publicly.
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