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I'm going through the original thread for this case, looking for other crimes the Noes have committed and any other info that might be of use here. Below, I quote some posts by Wendy's sister from 2006 where she is answering some questions from other posters. Some of them have been edited for length, clarity, etc, but they are in full and in context over in the original thread titled: Wendy Camp, Shamrock Disappearances, UPDATE

Old posts from Wendy's sister:

Thank you all so much. I just searched yesterday for a site that I had forgotten carried my sister and her daughters age progressed photo, and found a site that was actually talking about my sister's case! I almost fell out of my chair, it was so surreal! I was linked to this site today by another poster, and I am so happy that there is *SOMEONE* out in this world who really cares about what happens to my family and is trying to help us figure out what to do. Yes, Chad is guilty as hell, and we know it, but proving it is not easy, as I am sure you all know.

About 7 months ago, a man came forward and told my mother that he had a well on his property and that it was filled up and that it had been years since he had been to the site, and the OFBI said that it was to thin and small, but yes, deep enough, but that digging it up was too much trouble, and to this my parents agreed.

Sadly to say, my Father, Ed Taylor, passed away June 29th, 2006, and although the case was not solved while he was alive, my mother and I know that he is with her and he now knows what happened.

I would like to personally let each and every one of you know, that from the bottom of our hearts, we thank you, for just TALKING about this case, as now that Jackie Johnson, the OFBI lady who was on our case retired a few years ago has been replaced with a man who's name I wont say, but he isn't even pretending to work on this case.

As for bones being found [in a swamp] in oct, I have not heard this, as the OFBI was not forthcoming with these details to my Mother and I am so shocked to hear this!


Lisa's disappearance left her children, who were at school that day waiting for momma to pick em up, with no daddy in the picture, without a mother, and those kids were her *LIFE*. She would die for them and so would my sister, who loved them and was proud to be their aunty and so was I. They were great kids, and no one realizes that.


My father passed away in June, and Johnathan came to the funeral. He chose to go live with Beverly because when it was her turn to keep him for visitations she poisoned his mind against my parents, bought him whatever he wanted, did not even make the boy go to school or anything, not even get up or go to bed on time, so he didn't want to be with the mean old Taylors who made him get out of bed and brush his teeth and *HORROR* go to school. So he cut all ties with us till daddy passed then after the funeral I haven't spoken to him.


Chad isn't even in Johnathan's life. When I spoke to him last I asked him how's Chad, and he said he hadn't seen him in over 9 months. He is still on drugs, and who knows....


I had lost hope of ever finding my sister and niece, the OFBI agent that has our case doesn't even pretend to be working the case, citing he is too busy, it was up for a grand jury, and then something happened, and it is a mess.


I was never around Ida too much, as I was only around Beverly a small amount, and Chad more than I wanted to be. Never wanted to be around her because she was the type of bitter old person that you can say wow it is nice today and it will be an issue for her, so better to keep quiet around her.


I have seen enough of the cold case files and other crime programs to know there have been many convictions without a body, and that alone should help us in this case, but I have no hope of these fools nosing around these people.


After we found out that Chad got that teenage girl pregnant, in the hall, with my sister in a coma barely for two days, he never even came to visit my sister, not even once, for the whole year and a half that my sister laid in that bed, nor the next two years of therapy and learning to walk, talk even eat again..... My parents asked my sister what she wanted to do and upon my parents advice, she gave power of attorney to my parents and they filed for her, and got him out of her life.

During those painful times at the rehab, and over the course of the next year and a half is when she met Leon Camp, her next Husband, and he proved himself to be an upstanding citizen, never had done drugs, or behaved lewdly with adult OR minors, and was deemed acceptable by my family, and my parents allowed and or accepted his proposal to my sister with open arms. Leon loved my sister with all his heart, and we loved him right back, and still do. In fact after 8 years of waiting for my sister , he finally got his life back, and re-married a wonderful girl who we met only once but loved instantly, because LEON chose her, and we know his choices.


Cynthia was from a previous marriage, to a man from out of this country. Wendy had gotten a letter from the ex-husband asking who was raising his daughter after he found out Wendy had married Chad. He referred to Chad as a "boy" and Chad flew into a tizzy, screaming "I am a man, not a boy", for about an hour. If he did hurt Cynthia, I know he was still angry at the way her father hurt his feelings about calling him a boy vs. man, and he always brought that up to Wendy during every argument they had. But why he would kill Wendy, or Lisa-Renee is anyone's guess.

Beverly and Ida had already been in trouble with the law over the years and for big crimes such as illegal smuggling of underage prostitution rings, and black magic stuff, all sort of things that would make your stomach churn. So could be they see a girl [Wendy] in front of them that has finally, after a 3 yr struggle with the judges over even getting visitation rights, had won a small victory over them, they could see her weaknesses as she was paralyzed on one side of her body. Lisa was a "very thin and on-drugs-all-the-time girl", so she could have easily been overpowered. If someone who you feel is competing with you and struggling with you for something as big as this and drugs turn into something even bigger in your mind, and then that person wins, even a little, maybe you feel to strike out in anger, and in the heat of the moment, maybe he did. I hope for my sister and Lisa and Cynthia's sake he did not, but I know he did and now we need proof of it so we can put him away.

I saw [Ida on TV complaining about Wendy "gripin and bitchin"] and I swear my heart stopped beating. And here, Ida has her own grand-daughter in law and step grandchild missing, that's bad enough and you don't even feel any concern? Then on top of that you are the last three to be known to have picked her up from her doorstep and you cant even bring her home because she was bitchin and moaning?

If you knew my sister you would know right there that this is just not true. My sister had stars in her eyes, that's why Chad was able to mislead her in the first place, and get her into drugs. [When Wendy was pregnant and had morning sickness] he would say, hey, try this it will keep you from throwing up and it wont hurt the baby. I later found out that he gave her acid! He could have killed my nephew.

Johnathan has a really bad learning disability, [he was born in 1987] he has no co-ordination, and he is sweet as can be, but just not really "there" like you would expect.

Chad just treated my sister like a human experiment and then the minute she got sick he moved on. My blood ran cold I swear it did, I got goosebumps and couldn't even breath when I saw that tape. My mom brought it to let me see it before the episode even aired on television. I could not believe someone would have the gall to act like that and think no one will think i look guilty.

Just no respect at all. I think if Beverly and Chad were indicted you would see Beverly jump ship pretty quickly to save her own butt and say that Chad did it all. But of course they have never been indicted have they?

My mom had a grand jury hearing but something always kept happening and my mom would have to fill me in on the details as I cant remember what all stonewalled us on that.

[Regarding the tip that there were bones in a well] They went out and looked at the well, with my parents in tow. They even asked my parents what they thought and took that into consideration before making up their minds if I remember correctly. The well was very very narrow, and they said that the bodies would have had to have been chopped up to go down in there. I was like dig it up cause I would not put it past them to do something like that, but my parents thought it highly unlikely so they passed up on it.

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