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I watched that you tube clip of the Mr T And Tina pilot, too bad the video quality is so poor, it is almost unwatchable. I remember seeing the pilot episode when it first aired in 1976, some of the scenes were familiar, especially the part where Mr T is "floating" around the room wearing his anti gravity belt. I had forgot that Ted Lange from The Love Boat was in this show. The show really dates itself with the 1970's slang language and asian stereotypes, the studio audience seemed to be laughing it up and enjoying themselves. Susan Blanchard was cute and perky in this show, similar to how Lauren Tewes was in the early seasons of Love Boat. Not really a good show, but maybe one day the complete series of Mr T And Tina can be out on DVD as a manufacture on demand release. There are a few people who would buy it, myself included. I think 8 or 9 episodes were filmed, but only 4 or 5 were shown because the series was cancelled after only about a month on the air.
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