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Originally Posted by Adamantium
From the ones that are already available to the ones coming up, which Complete Series Boxed Sets are the coolest?

I think that prize would have to go to the upcoming "King of Queens" set. It's an IPS truck with Doug, Carrie and Arthur visible through the windows. I imagine you open up the back of the truck and take out the discs.

Another cool one is the "Get Smart" set. It has three or four doors you open to get to it. If you know the show, then you know the opening credits has Max walking through all these doors.

"Land of the Giants" is another cool one.

I can drive the IPS truck around DVD Land where it can make deliveries to the Tanners of Full House and the Barones of Everybody Loves Raymond. What fun I'll have.

Well I don't know if the set below is one is the coolest but if it's gotten cheaply you seem to get a lot of bang for your buck.

I'm talking about the release of the entire I Love Lucy series-seasons 1-9--soup to nuts. The down side is that it's cheaply packaged although cute to look at in the store. The plus is all the eps--and since The Lucy-Desi Comedy Hours are included (seasons 7-9) you get a lot. I hadn't expected 7-9 to be included, so this was a big plus for me. It is cheaply put together, although the quality of the DVDs is fine-- I wouldn't go over $150 for it; got mine at Target for $140. I understand it's $140 @ Costco too. I can overlook the cheap cardboard/plastic froo-froo packaging as I'm wrapping the DVD clusters in plastic and putting them in a storage box. I do this wi all my series--cuts down on clutter.

What makes this set appealing to me is having ALL of the 50s Lucy tv shows. I orig. came on the bd for The Adv. of O & H but since that bd's pretty dead I got acquainted with other bds and esp I Love Lucy. I always loved the show, and know I've probably seen every ep once over the many yrs of syndication. But I'd forgotten the details of many. So going back and re-visiting this series closely has turned out to be a real joy. And since I only had seasons 1 &2 this set seemed like a good deal. I'm going to donate my seaon 1 & 2 DVD/VHS sets to a charity that helps retrain workers, many of whom are on tight budgets. Another personal plus for me is getting rid of a lot of space-hogging VHSs.

So...this set is a mixed bag--but for many, myself included, the +'s outweigh the -'s
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