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Default Opposite Word Game

Ok here's how you play. I say a word. Then the next person has to say a word that means the opposite and a new word. The person after that says the opposite of that and a new word and so on.

So it goes like this:

1st person:


2nd person:


3rd person:


4th person:


OK, I'll start

<font color=crimson size=3 face=arial>M</font><font color=red size=3 face=arial>A</font><font color=orange size=3 face=arial>L</font><font color=gold size=3 face=arial>L</font><font color=yellow size=3 face=arial>O</font><font color=lime size=3 face=arial>R</font><font color=green size=3 face=arial>Y</font>: <font size=2 face=arial color=blue>The Straights of Massachusetts?</font>
<font color=red>------</font>
<font color=aqua size=3 face=arial>E</font><font color=blue size=3 face=arial>L</font><font color=mediumslateblue size=3 face=arial>Y</font><font color=drakgreen size=3 face=arial>S</font><font color=violet size=3 face=arial>E</font>: <font size=2 face=arial color=green> What did you mean when you said you weren't a woman?</font>

<font color=crimson size=3 face=arial>A</font><font color=red size=3 face=arial>L</font><font color=orange size=3 face=arial>E</font><font color=gold size=3 face=arial>X</font>: <font size=2 face=arial color=orange>I'm not. I hate to break it to you this way.</font>
<font color=yellow>-----</font>
<font color=yellow size=3 face=arial>M</font><font color=lime size=3 face=arial>A</font><font color=green size=3 face=arial>L</font><font color=aqua size=3 face=arial>L</font><font color=blue size=3 face=arial>O</font><font color=mediumslateblue size=3 face=arial>R</font><font color=drakgreen size=3 face=arial>Y</font>: <font size=2 face=arial color=red>Alex, I told you whenever you take a message to write down who called, when they called, and what it was about.</font>

<font color=violet size=3 face=arial>A</font><font color=crimson size=3 face=arial>L</font><font color=red size=3 face=arial>E</font><font color=orange size=3 face=arial>X</font>: <font size=2 face=arial color=mediumslateblue>I did. Somebody stupid called, sometime today, about something
<font color=green>-----</font>
<font color=yellow size=3 face=arial>A</font><font color=lime size=3 face=arial>L</font><font color=green size=3 face=arial>E</font><font color=aqua size=3 face=arial>X</font>: <font size=2 face=arial color=purple>Girls, Mom is pregnant. This is not a topic for females.</font>
<font color=cornflowerblue>-----</font>
<font color=blue size=3 face=arial>S</font><font color=mediumslateblue size=3 face=arial>T</font><font color=drakgreen size=3 face=arial>E</font><font color=violet size=3 face=arial>V</font><font color=crimson size=3 face=arial>E</font><font color=red size=3 face=arial>N</font>:<font size=2 face=arial color=firebrick>I'm shocked and happy. I'm shappy!</font>

<font color=red size=3 face=arial>God</font> <font color=blue size=3 face=arial>Bless</font> <font color=red size=3 face=arial>America</font>

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<font color=drakgreen size=4 face=arial>See Ya!</font>

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