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Unhappy 16 Years Ago Tomorrow, 10/7/88 The Date Which Will Live In Infamy

16 years ago, tomorrow. October 7th, 1988. The date which wil live in infamy. That's right! I'm talking about 66 WNBC. The station has been ruled the airwaves for 66 years are finally come to an end. It all started with a special looking back at 66 years of WNBC. Reelradio has a section on the first 66 years of a great radio station. Here is the link.

WNBC: The First 66 Years

It all started at 12:10 PM until 1:40 PM. It was a spectacular 90-minute documentry about WNBC. Terry Carman wrote about it according to the Reelradio site:

This is an aircheck from the day the music died: "WNBC - The First 66 Years". It was contributed by Peter Kanze who provided the bulk of actualities and airchecks for the special, which is narrated by Dale Parsons. Dale is now in Hawaii, doing consulting, voiceovers and enoying the weather.

I remember sitting in my car, in the rain, listening to Alan Colmes do the final ID. They played the NBC chimes (the musical notes G-E-C, for General Electric Company)... followed by the start of Sports Radio 66 - WFAN.
WNBC started in 1922 as WEAF and then in the 30's and 40's came an era of such radio classics like Burns & Allen, Jack Benny and a bunch of others. After the special documentry came Alan Colmes who did his final show on WNBC featuring the cast of many like Bruce Morrow, Joe McCoy and a bunch of others and finally ended with Alan Colmes saying his last words on WNBC after 66 years. You should listen to it here. This is a sad one.

The Last 45 Minutes of WNBC

General Electric (who by then owned NBC now owns Universal Studios) decided to sell of its radio properties around the country including Emmis who now owns a couple of NYC stations like WQHT, WRKS and WQCD.

(Airchecks courtesy of and
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