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Default My trading style

Personally, when I set up a trade, I set up a time limit.

For isntance.

"Hey I would really liek to get yoru Will and grace- seaosn 4. Are you open for trades.

If they say yes, I iron out the details, how many discs- and say what my approximate time is for my end to be shipped out and so on.
I ask them at that time.

If the time period has elapsed, and my end is ready and or their end hasn't come, I send them an email.
I usually allowe one full length of extra time.
IN example, if they originally said it woudl take them two weeks, I contact them after 2 weeks.
If another two weeks has gone by, I email them the second time and say perhaps I caught you at a bad time- Or something came up- regardless polite conduct usually would have dictated you contacting me to work something out by now.
Maybe we can try again in the future.
If my end is already made, I might be disgruntled, but I have been fairly lucky with unlaoed previous made sets.

And the few times this has happened, I have had the same user contact me the seocnd time, to try "again"

I require them to send first, and make nothing until it is received.

Once it is, I wipe the slate clean.
If they do the same thing, I don't bother trading them again.

I have been scorned for it, but that is my basic method.

I dont think your wrong for having some restrictions on time, and or patience whatsoever.

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