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I'm sure most of these workprints that were around in the mid to late 90's were advanced copies given out to reviewers kinda how YouTube reviewers get advanced copies for review on the internet these days but they were given early workprint cuts... instead of the final version which most people get these days. No doubt there was proboly other reasons why stuff was leaked too but during the mid to late 90s i am sure that was the good reason why workprints were around. The studios gave out copies like that.. then the reviewers would make copies and share with their buddies. That's my spin. These are just assumptions but i don't see anyone arguing with me proving me wrong either.

Besides of that security guard that was stealing copies from the vaults i also heard of some movie reviewer making copies and selling them too... and he got busted eventually as well.

Even the beetle juice workprint was a advanced copy given to a reviewer back in the 80s. The reviewer was a collage professor at New York University and he gave the tape to my buddy who was a student of his. Then this copy sat in his attic for about 20 years. Then it was traded it out, and the rest is history. Crazy the guy had even more stuff on VHS but it was mostly TV versions. I also got the king of the hill workprints from hm that he bought off of eBay, and that buffalo may roam TV Version which he recorded himself. Which all was unheard of at the time.

I'm like you though i love the stories that come from these things coming to light. Plus i don't know why people are so paranoid. Maybe if these were workprints of movies today it would be a problem but most of these movies have made their money from theatrical and home sales. They should really just release the workprints as extras on blurays. They're good filler, and don't really take up much space.

I would love if Red Eye TV version surfaced too! There is additional scenes on YouTube but that's it!

Where the heck is the golden eye and total recall workprints? Unless you're involved with the studios year and years later i don't see why some of these things haven't surfaced or been shared already. Nobody is trying to profit from this. We're just a bunch of nerds. It's like who care's if the Godzilla workprint from 1998 surfaces in 2019. Maybe in 1998 it would of done damage to the studio's profit margin back in the day but now? Nah. Any normal person would rather watch that stuff on netflix, dvd or bluray rather a outdated 3rd gen VHS tape.

You're doing a real good job Jeff finding stuff. Keep up the good work.
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