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Originally Posted by JamesG View Post
"How I Met Your Mother" has had a few attempts at launching a spin-off (companion series) that never happened.

The pilot for "How I Met Your Dad", starring indie film star Greta Gerwig and narrated by Meg Ryan, wasn't picked up by CBS.

Then in December 2016, they tried again with "This Is Us" writers Isaac Aptaker and Elizabeth Berger on "How I Met Your Father". It was to also be from a female's point-of-view and HIMYM creators Bays and Thomas were EPs.

Fox chairman Dana Walden then said in August 2017 that they were looking into it again with new writers and that no ideas or concepts from the previous attempts would be carried over.”

Hulu has ordered "How I Met Your Father" to series with Hilary Duff set to star.
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