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I just saw The Adventures Of The Black Stallion on DVD and I was amazed at how great The Adventures Of The Black Stallion was and it's a good adaption of the Walter Farley books and I wonder why The Adventures Of The Black Stallion was cancelled after so many seasons? And Richard Ian Cox was perfect for the role of Alec Ramsay and his talent really shined in this show. And what really surprised me was the late Mickey Rooney was excellent in the role of Henry the Black Stallion's wise trainer and I didn't know Mickey Rooney starred in the show until I saw The Black Stallion movie and was shocked at how well he acted in The Adventures Of The Black Stallion. This show was excellent when it first came out on The Family Channel and Up Channel should pick up the reruns of it to add to their lineup because it's a wonderful family drama that families can watch together
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