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Originally Posted by darkrage6 View Post
Exactly, I first went on there in 2009 after searching for a place to buy the Kathy Long action film "The Stranger", which was going for insane prices on Amazon and Ebay(over 100 dollars) so I was looking for any place to find it at a reasonable price and stumbled upon Ioffer and bought a DVD-R of it for a mere 15 bucks and that was that. Since then i've lost count of how many items i've purchased on there, i've still got several sets and films from there lying around.

I am thankful that i'm fortunate enough to be a member of the torrent sites Cinemageddon and TV Vault, so Ioffer's purge didn't sting as bad as it would've, but there were still some TV series not available on the latter site that I could only find on Ioffer. And those sites do have ratio requirements so you can't just download whatever you want all the time, you have to actually contribute(usually via seeing torrents for other people) otherwise you get banned. So i'm being real careful(lucky for me that last month TV Vault had a sitewide Freeleech where you could download any show without getting a hit on your ratio and I took full advantage of that)

Could you send me an invite please?
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