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Originally Posted by JO Sweet Heart View Post
Reading this made me think of the last time that I heard Martina McBride live. If its still there, I saw a clip of her at You Tube singing the National Anthem before a Nashville hockey game just over a year ago and she sounded like she was hanging on for dear life. She didn't sound terrible, but she didn't sound anything like the Martina that she is known for being. It was as if her singing ability was close to its final day.

I could be wrong, but Patty Loveless may have retired. I saw someone say it at another forum that I go to.

God bless you and her and Lorrie and Martina always!!!


P.S. This is what I hate about time marching on.
There's absolutely NOTHING wrong with Martina's singing ability. If she sounded off, then she was sick.

It seems that Patty has mostly retired. It seems that once a year or so she performs on a country cruise but that's about it.
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