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I just reviewed the Disappeared episode last night myself. I think that Steve is probably innocent. There's really nothing to say he did it. Sure when he phoned police initially he wasn't freaked out, but his wife had only been gone a few hours at that point. When he made the call, both Steve and the neighbors were pretty sure Amy had slipped running or was out of gas or something as she had made the run so many times. And innocence doesn't necessarily equal big emotion.

I think Eaton is a likely suspect here. After killing Lisa Kimmell, maybe this time he decided he would hide the body of any future victim to avoid having it be traced back to him. It really seems that someone snatched her while she ran, as all of her belongings were in the car. I think they got her into a vehicle and drove far enough away that they haven't found her yet. If they had killed and buried her in the vicinity of the path she rain, I think S&R would have found her by now, especially because they used search dogs.
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