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Originally Posted by TheCars1986
I watched the "Disappeared" show about Amy the other day, and I just don't see how Steve Bechtel could be responsible. He was rock climbing with a friend during the time Amy disappeared. The friend confirmed this, and law enforcement (Dave King) still didn't believe it! King flat out says in his interview that no one could confirm that Steve was rock climbing where he says he was, other than his friend giving a receipt to a gas station in the area where they were climbing...wouldn't this be enough to establish an alibi? It's not like the friend of Steve's denied being with him that day, he confirmed it!

The other big thing that makes me thing Steve is innocent is he and Amy just bought a house. This would have been one of the happiest moments in both of their lives. For one, I don't see why Steve would have wanted to kill Amy, since there has never been a motive presented. Also, how would Steve have been able to afford his house if Amy was missing? It's not like there was a large life insurance policy taken out on her, and even if there was, Steve did not try to get her legally declared dead until years after she went missing. I think the focus of the investigation zeroed in on him, despite the fact that he had an alibi for the day, and this is what ultimately led to him not cooperating with law enforcement. I think the focusing on Steve as the prime suspect is what led this case to remain unsolved to this day.
We just don't know the timeline which might give Steve an alibi because it's never been published to my knowledge. Had Steve and Amy bought the house outright or had they made a downpayment which Steve,like the Neil Entwistle case could not possibly have maintained?

Notwithstanding there doesn't seem to be a motive on Steve's part except that he may have got tired of her,but then again why not just divorce or have the marriage annulled as young people often do these days. And of course there's Dale Eaton lurking in the background,whom it would be foolish to rule out.
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