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Thumbs up Tom Arnold Sends Actor to Rehab

Attention Hollywood socialite drug users: Tom Arnold is here to help. The recovering addict used his power of persuasion to urge actor-socialite Jason Davis to enter rehab this week, is reporting.

The 'True Lies' star along with Davis' brother Alexander showed up at an apartment where Jason was staying and staged an emergency intervention on Wednesday. They convinced Davis he was in danger of losing his life if he didn't quit drugging. He apparently accepted and will enter a rehab facility.

Jason's mom Nancy Davis told Radar: "My son Alexander and Tom Arnold went to help my son Jason, who is an addict, to help save his life."

This isn't the first time Jason has tried rehab. He was sentenced in September 2008 to a 36-month drug program after pleading guilty to heroin possession.

It's unclear if another Davis brother, Brandon, best known for calling Lindsay Lohan "Firecrotch" and for his own rehab stint, was a part of the efforts.

So how does Arnold know Davis? In 1993, Jason made three appearances on 'Roseanne,' which Arnold produced and appeared in.
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