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Originally Posted by wiseguy182
another thing that bugs me about that 911 call is that she just keeps saying her name over and over, and that she's in Albuquerque. Don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to fault Antoinette or whoever the girl may be, but it would seem like she would be rattling off as many details as possible. She may not know exactly where she is, as in street name, address, things like that, but she could describe her abductors, where she's being kept (is it a house, apartment or whatever), but she just keeps saying her name over and over. perhaps the call was a hoax.
I didn't view the phone call that way. She says her name, then when the operator said, "What?" she said her name again and where she was as though perhaps the operator (and police who would later investigate the call) would recognize the name (which of course they did). THEN before she could say anything else the man in the background came on. She only said her name twice, I believe, and had no chance to say anything else. I know we have to look at the evidence carefully, but that phone call just seems so genuine. The sound of fear and pain... it could have been acted out, but I feel it was not a hoax.
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