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There's no concrete proof, they dont' even have what they had before the bodies showed up in the Scott Peterson case. Mom going through such great lengths to prove herself innocent sounds like, wow--an innocent person! Good grief I'd go through whatever I had to just to prove myself innocent. Cooperating with police, telling what she knows (mostly, she could be holding something back on a suspect). Consulting an Indian medicine woman wouldn't be unusual for someone like her. I look at her, and hear her story, and I fully believe her for the most part. But I think that's because I'm a woman and a mother, and I understand thinking from both ends. I don't see a killer looking at her, I see a genuinely distraught woman in pain. I've been around and around wtih this, thrown out ideas, pointed out things, and in the end, if someone is determined that someone must be guilty, then hey, nothing anyone says will change their minds. Of course that's also why some cases are shot---police focusing on only one possible person, and how innocent people can end up in jail. I've looked at the mom over and over and I can't find anything much out of the ordinary with her, so it's not a line of reasoning I will be continuing with.
Believe me. I do not like the thought of the mother at some sort of fault here. But you have to look at it objectively. Me and many others on this forum have posted several interesting things out that lead back to the mother. Also, I understand you are a mother. But it could have been very well an accidental death. But going on purely on your gut instinct isn't very good investigating. I mean how do you account for her sister's testimony. If this was a planned sex slave kidnapping why would they be so brazen to knock on front door knowing full well she would open it instead of the head of the household, the mother. if you were going to kidnap someone for those purposes wouldn't you just go into her room and kidnap her? This and other things we've all pointed out all lead back to the mother and the people in the house at the time.
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