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Default Fall 2006 Local Syndication (with NYC Locals)

(NYC locals in parenthesis)

Fall 2006:

Weekday Half Hour
"According to Jim" (Buena Vista) (WPIX - M-F 6:30PM & 1AM; Sat 5:30PM)
"Scrubs" (Buena Vista) (WNYW - M-F 12AM & 12:30AM; Sun 11:30PM)
"Still Standing" (20th Century) (WWOR - M-F 2-3PM, Sun 6:30PM)
"One on One" (Paramount) (WWOR - M-F 1-2PM, Sun 5-6PM)
"Reba" (Daytime CW) (WPIX - M-F 4-5PM)

Weekly Hour
"CSI: Miami" (Kingworld) (WLNY - Sat/Sun 7PM; WCBS -)
"American Idol Rewind" (Tribune/Fremantle Media) (WPIX - Sat 8PM, Sun 4PM)
"The Shield" (Sony) (WPIX - Sat 9PM & 12AM)
"Without a Trace" (Warner Bros.) (WCBS - )
Crime Watch Block: "Cold Squad" and "Stone Undercover" (Program Partners) (WABC - Fri/Sat nights 2:30-4:30am)

Talk Shows
"Dr. Keith Ablow Show" (Warner Bros.) (WNYW M-F 10AM)
"Megan Mullally Show" (NBC Universal) (WNBC M-F 3PM)
"Greg Behrendt Show" (Sony) (WPIX M-F 9AM)
"Rachel Ray Show" (King World) (WABC M-F 10AM, WLNY M-F 3PM)

Court Shows
"Judge Maria Lopez" (hour) (Sony) (WPIX M-F 1PM)
"Cristina's Court" (hour) (20th TV) (WNYW M-F 1PM, WWOR M-F 8:30AM)

WEEKLIES (some might not be coming anymore)
"Masterminds" (New Line Television) (WWOR - Sat 3-4PM, WNYW Sat 5-6PM)
"Hip Hop Hold Em" (Heritage Media) (WPIX - Sat 3PM)
"Vera Wang" (Buena Vista) (not coming?)
"Wedding in a Week" (Buena Vista) (not coming?)

Feel free to help out...JTC do you have any additonal info?
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