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Default Birthday Present For 17-Year-Old Niece: "Happy Days"

I asked my Niece (who will be 18 years old next week) if she has ever seen the TV show "Happy Days." She said no but her dad has mentioned it a few times.

So I decided to buy a DVD. I chose season 3 because I like many of the episodes from that season... "Fonzie Moves In," "The Motorcycle," "Fearless Fonzarelli," "Richie Fights Back," "Fonzie The Flatfoot," "Fonzie The Superstar," etc.

On her Facebook page, she lists "The '70s Show" under "favorite TV shows."

Something about that, incidentally, surprises me. On the IMDB website, "The '70s Show" has a higher rating than "Happy Days." I've seen "That '70s Show." It's okay, but it does not have a character like "The Fonz!"

I am guessing, and hoping, that my Niece will enjoy Happy Days, maybe eventually even more than that likes that other show.

I will post updates of her response. I did mention it to one of her friends and she said that they will probably watch it together, which is a good idea... another potential "Happy Days" fan!
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