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Being a fan of the original Muppet Show, this show was ok, but I always disliked the theme. Especially the Kermit line. To me it always sounded like...

When you rule what’s kind and weird and you wish that you were play-ier.

I know play-E-er isn’t a word, but then again “there” is a one syllable word. Why do they try to make it a 3 syllable word? I never had any trouble understanding Kermit on the Muppet Show. In the newer/current Muppet Babies, these words in the theme are much clearer and more discernible. Somebody must’ve told them.

I also didn’t like that they were at a day care, yet nobody ever gets dropped off. Nobody ever gets picked up. It’s like they’re just always there, eternally, forever. They don’t mention their home life, no references to moms or dads. It’s more like they were dropped off there and forgotten about. Should have been called Muppet Orphans.
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