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Default TV One Fall Schedule, Effective Oct. 1, 2007

TV One Fall 2007

New to TV One’s lineup of daily comedy programming is the Robert Townsend sitcom The Parent'Hood, to air weeknights at 7:30pm. This year, TV One also features the recent high-ranking African-American family sitcom “All Of Us” on weeknights at 7pm.
On weekends, starting Sunday October 7, spirited fun abounds at TV One as the 1997 sitcom “Good News,” starring David Ramsay as a new pastor in an urban church, comes to the network with back to back episodes airing on Saturdays & Sundays from 1-2pm, and encoring 7-8pm ans 2-3am. Guest stars include Bernadette Stanis (Good Times), Anna Maria Horsford (Amen) and Chaka Khan.

Effective Monday, October 1, 2007

What's new: The Parent'hood; All of Us (to weekdays); Good News (weekends)
What's back: NY Undercover, Wanda at Large
What's gone: Amen, In the House, On our Own, Fastlane

6:00am – “227” (new time slot)
6:30am – “227” (new time slot)
7:00am – “The Gospel of Music with Jeff Majors”
8:00am – “The Tom Joyner Sky Show” (new time slot)
9:00am – “Get the HookUp”/”Comics Unleashed: Hot Chocolate Edition” (new time slot)
10:00am – “Showtime at the Apollo” (new time slot)/”TV One on One”/”Who’s Got Jokes”
11:00am – Movie (new time slot)
1:00pm – “Turn Up the Heat with G. Garvin” (new time slot)
1:30pm – “Roc” (new time slot)
2:00pm - “All About the Andersons” (new time slot)
2:30pm – “Hangin with Mr. Cooper” (new time slot)
3:00pm – “Boston Public” (new time slot)
4:00pm – “New York Undercover” (returning after summer break from time slot)
5:00pm – “For Your Love” (new time slot)
5:30pm – “Eve” (new time slot)
6:00pm - “Good Times”
6:30pm – “Hangin with Mr. Cooper”
7:00pm – “All of Us” (moving from weekends only to daily on weekdays)
7:30pm – “The Parent'Hood” (new to TV One)
8:00pm – “Martin”
8:30pm – “All About the Andersons” (new time slot)
9:00pm – “Cedric, the Entertainer Presents”
9:30pm – “Good Times”
10:00pm – Best of TV One: Monday: Baisden After Dark (starting Oct. 8); Tuesday: Best of New York Undercover; Wednesday: Bill Bellamy’s Who’s Got Jokes?; Thursday: The Tom Joyner Show; Friday: Showtime At the Apollo
11:00pm – “Martin”
11:30pm – “Eve” (new time slot)
12:00am – “All of Us” (new time slot)
12:30am – “Wanda At Large” (new time slot)
1:00am - “New York Undercover” (returning after summer break from time slot)
2:00am – “Showtime at the Apollo”
3:00am – “Martin”
3:30am – “Hangin with Mr. Cooper”
4:00am – “Good Times”
4:30am – “Cedric, the Entertainer Presents”
5:00am - “The Parent'Hood” (new to TV One)
5:30am – “Good Times”

***Series Programming Listed Only***
5-6pm Martin
6-7pm Wanda at Large
7-8pm Good News
2-3am Martin
3-4am Wanda at Large

***Series Programming Listed Only***
1-2pm Good News
7-8pm Good News
2-3am Good News
Sunday night marathons
3-6am 227

Specials and Marathons

- Eve Marathon
Saturday, October 13, 2007
1-8pm and encores 2-6am
On Saturday, October 13 beginning at 1pm, in celebration of the impending Tuesday release of her new CD “Here I Am,” it’s a marathon of the rapper Eve and her self-titled sitcom. All day long episodes will chronicle her character Shelley’s tumultuous relationship with her boyfriend J.T. as each tries to get the upper hand.

- Basketball Themed Episodes
Saturday, October 20, 2007
On Saturday, October 20, leading into the ‘cool factor’ premiere of the high school b-ball drama “Sunset Park” at 8PM, TV One presents a whole day of “hoops” with basketball themed episodes of “All of Us”, “Hangin With Mr. Cooper”, and “Martin” as well as two basketball related movies “Final Shot: The Hank Gathers Story” and “White Men Can’t Jump” and lastly an encore play of TV One’s “Famous People” special spotlighting NBA mom Ann Iverson.
12-1pm All of Us, 1-3pm Final Shot: The Hank Gathers Story, 3-4pm Hangin With Mr. Cooper, 4-5pm Martin, 5pm Famous People, 6-8pm White Men Can’t Jump leading into the premiere of Sunset Park at 8pm

- TV One Halloween
Wednesday, October 31, 2007
11am-3pm and encores 6-10pm
On Wednesday, October 31, it’s an “all howls” day mini-marathon as Halloween rolls into TV One. Daytime and primetime showcases Halloween-themed episodes of your favorite TV One sitcoms: “Martin,” “Hangin With Mr. Cooper,” “The Parent'Hood,” “Wanda At Large,” and “Minor Adjustments.” This special Halloween marathon airs from 11am – 3pm and again from 6pm – 10pm.
11a & 8p MARTIN-#110
11:30a & 8:30p MARTIN-#505
12p & 6p HANGINCOOPER-#205
12:30p & 6:30p HANGINCOOPER-#305
1p & 7:30p PARENTHOOD-#209
1:30p & 9p WANDA-#205
2:30p & 9:30p HANGINCOOPER-#408
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