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Default The “BINGO” game

(In Scrabble using all seven tiles on your rack in a play is called a Bingo)

The rules of the game:

1. Every word must be seven (7) letters. Plurals are fine. We go alphabetically.

2. No Proper nouns or foreign words (just like in Scrabble)

3. No skipping letters. If you can’t play a seven letter word for a certain letter, wait until a turn comes when you can. Hint: you are allowed to google. For example you can google “seven letter words starting with x”

Examples of improper plays for:

A = Atlanta (a proper noun)
B = Absolve = your word must start with b
Q = querida = a foreign word
X = skip X ( no skipping as a play- find a seven letter word- you can find one for every letter if you do a search)

I’ll start:

A = altered
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