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Originally posted by shavelyLBC34
jay's rap in "jay and silent bob strike back"....hahaha

Fuk Fuk Fuk Fuk. Mother mother Fuk, mother mother fuk fuk. Mother fuk mother fuk noise noise noise! Smokin weed, smokin weed. Doing coke, drinkin beers. Drinkin beers, beers beers. Rollin fatties, smokin blunts. Who smokes the blunts? WE SMOKE THE BLUNTS! Rollin blunts and smokin em. 15 bucks, little man, put that ***** in my hand. If that money doesn't show then you owe me owe me owe. My jungle love. Oh e oh e oh. I think I wanna know ya know ya ... yeah, what!!
The people who think they know everything about Broadway make me laugh. They've never seen a Broadway play in their life.
"oh mi godddd RENT's a mooovie! lyke 525600 minuuuuuuutes!" No.

To be a Broadway Freak, you must live, eat, sleep, study, devout, think, obsess, dream, believe Broadway.
You must know original & revival casts, soundtracks, performance runs, dates, theatres, numbers, how many Tony Awards A Chorus Line won.
You must be Broadway.
That's right bitches. I AM Broadway.

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