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Originally Posted by Lamont
AND they are now going to tear down the STARDUST in 2007 to rebuild it bigger and allegedly better. About all that is left is the Frontier and the Alladin (but thats not the original, it was totally rebuilt too!)
Yeah, the Frontier has to go (I was just out there last week). It's old, small and has nothing to draw the people into it.

Vegas has to keep changing, adapting to new styles and attracting new visitors. If it was the same 40 casinos, year after year, people would get a bit bored. But one major change I've noticed over the last 10 years is the movement away from the 'family friendly' atmosphere, to the upper scale adult only. They finally figured out that if you're out there with your kids, you're not gambling! DUH!! The only hotels with any family oriented attractions anymore is Circus Circus (has to be upgraded soon!!) and Excalibur. The only 'original' Vegas is pretty much downtown on Fremont street.

Me, I don't care for any of that - just as long as they have good blackjack, Pai Gow, and Texas Hold'em, I'm good!
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