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IMO, the entire run of the original Hollywood Squares was great. All the quips from Rose Marie, Charley Weaver, Vincent Price, George Gobel, Wally Cox. etc. But Paul was always my favorite. I also, regret he died at such a young age. Perhaps these days, he'd be giving Dame Edna a run for her money!

I've met Rose Marie & she still "has the goods". Very witty & quick.

And all the fun that was had with "Dicker & Dicker of Beverly Hills" (which still exists, BTW!)

Also, I always remember them (Hollywood Squares) advertising Lola Falana appearing at the Tropicana. As a young teen in the midwest, the Tropicana sounded truly exotic. Several years ago, while in Vegas (after the advent of the 'casinos-big-as-cities'), I HAD to walk through the Tropicana and was sorely disappointed. It was so tiny & unimpressive, compared to the new ones. But I guess that's why most (all?) of the legendary, old casinos are gone, now.
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