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Cool Soleil Moon Frye Joins Sean Penn's Haitain Aid Effort

Frye Set To Join Penn's Haitian Aid Effort

Former child star Soleil Moon Frye has become the latest celebrity to announce plans to help Sean Penn's J/P Haitian Relief Organization by jetting out to the beleaguered nation.

The former "Punky Brewster" star is heading to Haiti for a four-day trip after bumping into Penn in Los Angeles.

She says, "Last weekend, I bumped into Sean and told him about this dream of mine and asked him who should I go to to make this happen and he said, 'Me!'
I told him I'd get on the plane at any time and, within a week, it was confirmed for me.

She tells, "For over a year I wanted to go and experience Haiti and meet the people. I've always had aspirations to help the women and kids there as they rebuild their lives."

-IMDB News
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