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Nick@Nite has made numerous changes this week:

late Friday night/early Sat, Mom gets increased to 6 airings: 1:30AM-4:30AM, Young Sheldon gets 4:30AM-6AM, originally scheduled: Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa from early Sat 4AM-6AM, gets moved to early Sun 4AM-6AM replacing Full House slot

Sat 9PM is now Side Hustle instead of The Barbarian and the Troll

and also early Monday, 2AM has Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa, 1AM-2AM is Mom

That means Full House gets cut down to only one day, early Monday 4AM-6AM

With Full House getting cut down to weekend, that wasn't the first time, the first time was around in Apr or May 2018, Full House airing on weekends, to some extent, and however lasted until late Aug 2018, which temporarily left nick@nite.

If that's the case for permanently, I don't think Full House should even deserve to air on nick@nite at all because of the history of schedule changes in worse slots.
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