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Default Ringing Up Baby

I used to watch Dharma and Greg faithfully when it first came out and when this episode "Ringing Up Baby" first aired, I watched the first half but I ended up missing the second half for some reason. Years later I was always curious about how it turned out. I was SO excited when I saw that it was on TV Guide network and one night out of the blue I decided to do a search on my DVR and see if it was on. I found the episode and was FINALLY able to see the ending. Very cute episode and I am so glad I got to see it. It's a sad one, but very sweet and the ending is extremely sweet. I loved it. I haven't seen every episode but I just saw the pilot for the first time since it premiered and it's pretty cute as well. But I think the "Ringing Up Baby" is one of my favorites.

BTW, this is the episode where Dharma notices that Janet the checkout girl is pregnant and her boyfriend left her so she entices Greg to help her adopt the baby since Janet can't take care of him. I won't give away the ending but it's pretty emotional.
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