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Thanks for the response. I, like you, am a little confounded about the murder. Robbery makes no sense, unless the robbery was interrupted by something. I think it may be possible that Adams, in a delusional state, may have said something to the wrong person and ended up in a fight and was accidentally murdered.

I am no psychologist and would never diagnose someone I have never met (even if I was a shrink), but the signs and symptoms here seem compelling to me. I have been around many mentally ill people due to various friends I have that work in the mental health field. I know schizophrenia when I see it. It seems to me to be one of the most easily recognizable mental disorders.

I don't want to say anything about his family in a public forum, since I am not positive of my suspicion, but if you want to PM me, I will elaborate. I am basing my suspicion on the UM segment, as I have no personal knowledge of him or his family.

Take care.
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