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Thiussat makes many good points.

Nothing Blair Adams did over the course of his strange odyssey makes sense to me. The plane ticket, the attempts to cross the border, his behavior at the hotel, etc. Nothing adds up.

I can see where some people would believe foul play was involved. It would certainly make the story more compelling. But the reality is occasionally people die indirectly or directly as a result of a psychiatric disorder. I know, I live near the Golden Gate Bridge and each year a dozen or so people jump off, falling to their deaths. Could they have been pushed or thrown off as part of a robbery, or revenge killing, or drug deal gone wrong? Sure, but most are not murdered. They jump off the bridge, commiting suicide because they are suffering from a mental disease known as depression. Its that simple, that boring.

So, am I totally screwed up on this one? (as usual LOL) Lets hear from everyone!

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