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This is one of the top 5 strangest cases I have ever seen. I have gone back and forth on this case and have thought several different things, but ultimately I believe Paul Freshhour did write the letters, perhaps with some help. I think the fact that the letters continued while he was in prison can easily be explained.

First of all, lets remember that Mary claims that it was Paul's own wife who told her that he was the letter writer. To me, it would seem doubtful that she would help him during this ordeal.

Secondly, if Paul was the letter writer, he had to have an accomplice. I say this for 2 reasons. 1. The letters kept coming while he was in prison. He could have written more letters during trial and given them to his accomplice to mail our sporadically while he was in prison so that police think he is innocent and end up releasing him. 2. When Mary's husband stormed out of the house the night he died, he told one of his children that he knew who the letter was and was going to confront him. Seems like if it were Paul on the phone with him, he would have told his kid, "Its Uncle Paul!, tell your Mom hen she gets home". This was way before cell phones so its not like he could have called his wife. Now I have no idea whether or not anyone killed Mary's husband or if he just simply died in the car wreck.

All together, I think Paul wrote the letters. At first it was just to Mary and her family. Once he went to prison, the letters started going to residents all over Circleville. I believe Paul wrote these letters before or during the trial and gave them to his accomplice to mail out while he was in prison. I believe that he wrote to many people so that he would have a better chance of those people calling the police to say they had received letters rather than just Mary's family calling. He may have figured that if alot of people call saying I'm getting these letters, the police would have no choice but to think that maybe someone else did it. My on,y question is, who could his accomplice be? Most would think his wife, but shes the one who fingered Paul to Mary. Why would she then go back and help him?
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