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Moe: (to Curly)"Hey! What's the idea of spoilin' the game?"
Curly: "I was for onesies!"
Moe: (slaps Curly)"Well, here's twosies."
Larry: "He was for onesies, you gave him (mumbles)."
Moe: (slaps Larry) "Here's fivesies for you."

Curly: "Certainly! What have I got to lose?"

Moe: (to Larry)"I say, Jasper, uh, what comes after 75?"
Larry: "76."
Moe: "That's the spirit."

Moe: "Wasted five good slugs in a..."
(The court clerk walks up to Moe, grabs his toupee and puts it back on.)
Court Clerk: "I'll sue you for this."
(He walks away.)
Moe: "Oh. Superstitious, eh?"
Curly: "Oh, Vici kid."
Judge: "Gentlemen, you must control your killing instincts."
"Shorter of breath and one day closer to death." -- Pink Floyd
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