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Green Acres Marathon Episodes on 8/26:

But don't forget it premieres 8/14 weeknights at 7pm

Saturday, August 26, 2006
8:00PM #1 Oliver Buys a Farm
The Douglases move to the farm in Hooterville Valley
8:30PM #2 Lisa's First Day on the Farm
The farm is no Park Avenue to Lisa.
9:00PM #52 Never Take Your Wife to a Convention
An ex-gangster and his wife discuss farming with the Douglases
9:30PM #81 How to Succeed In Television Without Really Trying
A kid genius turns the farm into an electronics madhouse.
10:00PM #82 Arnold, Boy Hero
Arnold snorts out trouble when bank robbers hold the Douglases hostage.
10:30PM #100 Old Mail Day
Oliver tries to modernize Hooterville.
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