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Exclamation 2Trivia4Me Notice and SCORES


Who's up for some HD Trivia?

It's a full blown out trivia race from Los Angeles, California to our favorite Milwaulkee hangout: Arnold's!!!!!!


((( ))) ((( ))) ((( )))

(((((( CONTEST STARTS AUGUST EIGHTH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ))))))

To enter the contest >>>
simply e-mail me (Pat) at
Type "2Trivia4Me" in the subject line (so I don't overlook it)
and include these three things:
1) The name you post to this board as. (i.e. FonzFan)
2) A 2 digit number for your car.
3) A passenger from the cast that has not already been chosen.

Why do you have to e-mail to register?
Good question. Those who register will be e-mailed generally when the postings will be for the trivia. That way the people registered aren't expected to sit in front of their computer all day waiting for the trivia to be posted. E-mail addresses will not be given out or used for anything other than 2Trivia4Me Happy Days Trivia.

How long will this trivia contest go on for?
For the rest of August. Trivia will not be posted as often as every day, but as mentioned, people who register will have an insight when trivia will post.

The contest takes place right here on this message board!!!!!

__Your Sportster___________________
Driver: YOU
Passenger: ?
Mileage: 0000.0 Destination 2133.8
Map CA nv ut wy ne ia wi
Current Status: Not Registered for the race


My printer just printed out 103 pages of single spaced Trivia that I have personally created several years back from each of the 255 episodes.
Are you READY?
Frasier: "Don't stare at me Eddie. I'm a humane man, but right now I could kick a kitten through an electric fan!"

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