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Originally Posted by justins5256 View Post
The Jeffrey MacDonald episode originally aired as the season premiere of Final Appeal. Oddly, it was shown on Lifetime in the early and mid-2000s, but was re-edited to look like a standard episode of Unsolved Mysteries. Copies of this broadcast are out there. To my knowledge, none of the five other episodes (Ferrell, Shores, Miller, Montecalvo, Drake) were presented this way on Lifetime.

The remaining five stories were shown on the revamped UM with Farina as host, and are probably the only way you can see these now.

As you noted, copies of the original broadcasts of Ferrell and Montecalvo are out there. I've never found anyone with original broadcasts of MacDonald, Shores, Miller, or Drake. Out of these, I find it hard to believe that no one preserved the MacDonald episode given the notoriety of that case. Perhaps one day it will surface, but as VHS recordings become more scarce every day the chances of finding it likewise diminish.

I wouldn't hold my breath for a professional (i.e., Film Rise) release of any of this material either.
I have a poor video quality recording of the original NBC airing for the MacDonald episode but it only runs 45 mins of the full hours. The Chicago Port Mutiny segment is cut short at the beginning and the first few minutes of the show are missing. The original recording was on VHS which I recently converted to digital. I have never shared it with anyone but I do know I have never seen it in anyone's collection over the years either.
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