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I watched this case the other day, and before even thinking about Adam jumping or not jumping off that bridge, I am just struck at his complete lack of remorse...not just for killing a person, but for killing the wrong person.

Even during his trial when he was explaining his actions, there was no remorse, no shame, no emotion. It looked as if he was saying, "Someone sideswiped me so I had to kill someone, so I did." And that now infamous post-trial courtroom footage where he's whispering with Elena, he still looks like a robot, completely devoid of any emotion or recognition of what he did.

If ever there was a killer from UM who I would wish to see in handcuffs and a orange suit, he would be in the top 5. The man is scum. And yes, I believe he did not jump. Since he lacks any sort of compassion or remorse, I could see him pushing Elena off the bridge (not that I feel sorry for her) and taking off. I'm glad the FBI is still looking for him.
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