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Originally Posted by libby2130
apparently they let him go to "get his affairs in order" and it was controversial at the time...saw an article that said the bridge was fairly busy and nobody saw a "couple on the bridge about to jump or anything....

it would take time to get the weights out ,tie them to yourselves, and climbing to get to where you jump off, but if they had a friend and they hopped into their car and drove off,,,that just takes seconds
The car was found on the bridge.

Can you imagine the conversation though if they had had a friend drop them off?

-Hey Bob, can you do me a favor?
-Sure, Adam, whatever you need. Sorry about that whole murder conviction thing, that has to suck.
-Well, Elena and I are gonna jump off the Newport Bridge and we need your help.
-I've got to get my dog groomed at noon, but after that, I'm all yours.
-Fabulous. Can you drive us to our doom?
-Sure. Adam, I have to ask you an important question though.
-Alright, Bob, what is it?
-Can you kick in for gas money?
-Of course, Bob, you can't take it with you, after all!
<end scene>
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