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Default "A Date With Fonzie" edit (Not just the tag scene)

I just watched "A Date with Fonzie" on DVD the other night, and like the "Fonzie's New Friend" episode, I noticed that it's not just the tag scene that was left out of that episode either. There's something else cut out. The scene where Richie, Fonzie, Laverne, and Shirley were all locked out of the house and couldn't get in before Richie went in through the window and knocked down the lamp. coz I do remember Fonzie saying, "Mr. Cunningham, we are freezing out here!!" They just faded from the Arnold's scene where Richie met Laverne and Shirley and went right to the part where Richie climbed into the window of his house, knocked down the lamp, ripped his pants, and read the note from Joanie taunting him about locking himself out.

Something's gotta be done because this is ridiculously too much editing. Season 3 needs to be reworked with all this stuff fixed along with some Motorcycle scenes that were also left out. I've never seen this many scenes edited from the episodes of one TV show on DVD before. Anyone who has the address (postal or e-mail) to the CBS/Paramount studio, I could write to them to complain, to point out all these DVD edits, to find out what the heck's going on, and to urge them to rework on this DVD set if possible.
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