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Default "Fonzie's New Friend" edits (Take a Look STUDD!!)

Hey all -

There's more than just the tag scene that's missing from "Fonzie's New Friend".

First edit - when Richie and Fonzie go into his "OFFICE" -- there is supposed to be more dialogue when they walk in -- such as Fonzie saying to the effect "I wanted you to be his friend, not his mother" or something like that.

2nd Edit - Before the scene at Fonzie's where the aunt checks out "Sticks" -- the last line at Arnold's (while Fonzie is talking to Arnold) -- he's (Fonzie) supposed to say "Just because the color's right, don't make her a delight"!!

3rd Edit - Right before the break on the DVD - if fades out too soon. After Sticks plays drums on the table - the scene continues with Fonzie looking up in his black book for a date - telling Richie and Sticks who hes going to call - then what happens he says something the the effect "Party, Richie's house, Saturday Night, Be there!" then slams the phone down then it goes to commercial.

Then the tag scene is missing where the gang is doing the Limbo.

Total time 21+ minutes.

Hope this helps!!
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