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I'm also looking for this full 1-hour episode as well of Cher:

Guests: Wayne Rogers, Tatum O'Neal and Raquel Welch
Airdate: 16 February 1975

1. Tatum impersonates Cher at the start of the show, singing "Let Me Entertain You"
2. Cher opens the show with "You're Nobody Till Somebody Loves You" and a monologue about bugle beads.
3. "Girls" -- Cher and Tatum introduce a series of sketches about how women are superior to men. In comedy blackouts, a dissatisfied customer (Wayne) attempts to return a broken toaster to the hardhearted clerk working at the complaint department (Cher), and Tatum discusses divorce with her attorney (Wayne).
4. Cher and Wayne sing "Let Me Be There"
5. Tatum appears in a takeoff on the Catherine Deneuve commercials.
6. "Life With Laverne" -- Laverne (Cher) gets into a verbal battle with Raquel.
7. Cher appears during a brief commercial blackout singing "Nothing Can Stop Me Now"
8. Pitchwoman Donna Jean Brodine (Cher) promotes a new glue product called "Stick-It."
9. Cher performs a medley of "Long Train Runnin'" and "Love the One You're With"
10. Cher and Wayne are cast as the newly-married Sigmund Freuds on their wedding night.
11. Raquel joins Cher for a duet of "I'm a Woman"
12. "Saturday Night" -- Cher describes her disappointing date with a nineteen-year-old.
13. Cher and her guests are featured in a song and tap dancing finale to the tune of "Top Hat, White Tie and Tails"
14. Cher closes the show.
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