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"People are suing for millions over decades-old consensual acts? Me too!"
I think that about sums this up. I don't believe this leech for one second. The act may have happened but his details range from laughable to nonsensical. He was not traumatized, I bet this was a bragging point until he realized he could make money.

"Oliver declined and asked for two Tylenol pills instead, which he claims were laced with crystal meth. He said he then began to feel sexually aroused."

...this sentence makes no sense. Firstly, meth is not cocaine. And I don't know how (or why) you would lace a pill with it even if it were feasible to pass it off. Secondly, meth is not viagra. For most, sexual intercourse is hindered by it, not helped. I hope this guy gets torn apart in court.

On a different note I'm a bit surprised to hear Jamie was actually a teenager when she played Cindy Lubbock. I assumed the "Lubbock Babes" were all twenty-somethings irl.
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